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download Pastor Frank Greene, Luke 24:44-53
The Humble One will be Exalted

3.6 MB 10:33 min
download Pastor Frank Greene, John 15:9-17
He chose us, because we needed Him

3.2 MB 9:16 min
download Pastor Frank Greene, Communion Liturgy
Jesus is Here

5.9 MB 17:13 min
download John 12:12-19, Pastor Frank Greene
Jesus Does Not Retreat

3.2 MB 9:23 min
download Job 38:1-11, Pastor Frank Greene
God is God. You are not.

3.2 MB 9:20 min
download Mark 9:2-9, Pastor Frank Greene
Sneak Preview

3.6 MB 10:31 min
download Mark 1:29-39, Pastor Frank Greene
Gotta Keep Moving

3.4 MB 9:50 min
download Shocked at His Authority
Mark 1:21-28, Pastor Frank Greene

3.6 MB 10:33 min
download Life is a Gift
Sanctity of Life Sunday, Pastor Paul Schult

3.9 MB 11:28 min
download The Time of Judgment is Over
Mark 1:4-11, Pastor Frank Greene

2.7 MB 7:53 min
download The time came...
Luke 2:22-40, Pastor Frank Greene

4.3 MB 12:38 min
download What do you have to say for yourself?
John 1:6-28, Pastor Frank Greene

3.4 MB 9:49 min
download A wild man with a wild message
Mark 1:1-8, Pastor Frank Greene

3.9 MB 11:19 min
download The God who so loved the world
John 1:1-14, Pastor Frank Greene

2.8 MB 8:04 min
download They wanted Mt. Sinai, they got Mt. Calvary
Mark 11:1-11, Pastor Frank Greene

3.4 MB 9:50 min
download Enter the kingdom prepared for you
Matthew 25:31-46, Pastor Frank Greene

4.8 MB 14:00 min
download Content in every situation
Philippians 4:6-20, Pastor Frank Greene

3.2 MB 9:21 min
download Good and faithful servants
Matthew 25:14-30, Pastor Frank Greene

3.1 MB 9:10 min
download Wise or foolish?
Matthew 25:1-13, Pastor Paul Schult

2.5 MB 7:25 min
download Meekness, not weakness
Matthew 5:1-12, Pastor Frank Greene

4.1 MB 11:59 min
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