Christcare Groups: Our small group Bible studies follow the ChristCare model.  This means that our groups pray together, study the scriptures together, participate in works of service together, and support and encourage each other in the struggles of life.


Youth Groups: In our Youth Groups, our middle school and high school children receive further formation in the faith, and begin to take an active part in our life together as a Christian community.


Vacation Bible School: Every summer, we hold a week-long Bible School at our church.  Children come to hear the good news of Jesus Christ through skits, songs, crafts, and games.  Even the snacks reinforce the message of what Christ has done for us and what He is doing through us.


Summer Camp: King of Kings also encourages families to send their children to summer camp at Heit's Point where they will spend several days and nights growing in their faith in the company of other young people and mentored by young adults from all over the country. 


Young Families Group: Every month, a group of young families from our congregation meets for a pot-luck supper.  We pool our money to hire a babysitter or two, and spend some time enjoying each others' company.


Dinners for Eight: This is an inter-generational opportunity for the people of our parish to come together and get to know each other by sharing a meal in each others' homes.  Please don't steal the silverware.